Our Vision and Goals


The status of marine mammals populations worldwide is of great meaning to us. We believe that in order to expedite the restoration of marine mammals populations and conservation, utilization of engineering tools is critical.

In Deep Voice, we develop and provide accessibility for marine mammals passive acoustics monitoring (PAM). Our R&D is focused on marine mammals populations and places where these tools are insufficiently implemented and great lack of research exists.

R&D missions

Development of Automated detection or localization tools

These tools can be used for tracking, supervision or research of a species or an individual in interest and are the baseline for further practical conservation methods. For species with local rare appearance for example, this ability alone creates value.

Population estimation tool and operative implications

By assessing the local population in time and place using the automated detection tools baseline, an operative research for determining shipping lanes and regulating fishing zones is conducted.

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The research findings is then transferred to the local authorities. In practice, such regulations are the key to provide deaths and injuries, as fishing net entanglements and ship collisions are the two major reasons for cetacean’s population decline worldwide.

Development of local algorithms using lean research for worldwide spread

The global status of PAM utilization is such that in only certain parts of the world it is implemented. This is because PAM applications require knowledge and funding- two rare resources on a global scale.

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Deep Voice works with relatively inexpensive acoustic monitoring tools ( hence “lean research”) and believes in free sharing and teaching the knowledge globally. Therefore, the work on local populations is just the baseline for the developed PAM applications to be spread worldwide by the NGO. Accessing these lean-research applications to other biologists group worldwide who lack the capabilities is the key for a better global conservation


Deep Voice is collecting visual and acoustic data for linguistic-cognitive research analysis to be shared with other research groups worldwide.

Organization values

Marine Mammals Welfare Concern

Our main concern is marine mammals conservation status globally.

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Deep voice supports and conducts research that is aimed towards the welfare of marine mammals globally, and is completely against any activity or operation that endanger by any chance the welfare of marine mammals.

Global Scale Work

Although founded in Israel, Deep Voice is a research team with global affinity to seek to study marine mammals on a global scale.

Shortest Path to Impact

In Deep Voice we search to work on projects that have a clearly visible way to impact ecologically, locally and globally.

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Our process of project selection is based on where our work will make the greatest impact.

Data Sharing

In Deep Voice we believe that the most beneficent path to enhance marine mammals research goes through maximum knowledge flow

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between all marine mammals research groups worldwide.

As a result, we possess a free code attitude and we are willing to share our findings and codes as much as possible.

Cross scientific fertilization

In order we believe in the symbiosis of marine biology along with engineering.

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Both for R&D and operative application purposes.

We view the marine biologists as the groups that possess the knowledge and abilities to make the direct link between our work and the goal of conservation.

Goals and Future Plans

In three years from now

a. Completion of the C1 Humpback Project We plan to finish the humpback R&D process and create a first local distribution estimation based on developed algorithms. These findings have the potential of local regulations alterations, hence preventing strandings and ship collision and ensuring the population survival. 

b. New Projects and Further Implementations- The algorithms created for the C1 population will be adjusted and implemented further for other marine mammal populations that are in need. 

c. Expanding Enhancing the number of team members,  global connections and work.   

In ten years from now

we except Deep Voice to be after completion of at least four significant projects, and to have its tangible outcomes spread around the globe and used by several biologist groups.  The projects endgame will be tangible environmental output for places and populations that have not been studied before.

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