Currently open Positions

How to Apply:

Please send your CV and cover letter (1 page max.) that explain why you want to join our whale family, and how your skills are reflecting your suitability for the position.

Senior Product Manager:

We’re a team of 2 product managers looking for an experienced product manager to join us. Preferably with experience as a data product manager working with ML/deep learning researchers and products.

Marine Biologists – content-writer – Marine mammals:

A marine biologist passionate about making scientific papers more accessible to a broad audience in a fun and exciting way. 

Volunteering on a weekly basis, the job will include sourcing new scientific papers/exciting facts and producing social media and blog content for Deep Voice.

Skills required: 

  • Marine Biologist.
  • Experience in content writing for social media.
  • Basic graphic design understanding (advantage for understanding Canva/Photoshop/Premiere Pro).
  • Creativity and new ideas.
  • Passion and love for the ocean and marine mammals. 


We’re a team of 4 tagging persons who are looking for a Marine Biologist \ Electronics Engineer who is passionate about bioacoustics research. 

Our team deals with the foundation recording and listening to the whale’s calls and tagging them with the bioacoustics system “Raven”. 

Our knowledge about the acoustic field improves every month with reading articles and international networking around the world.

Skills required: 

  • Marine Biologist \ An electrical engineer who specializes in signal processing
  • Team player
  • Passion and love for the ocean and marine mammals. 

Bonus points:

  • Marine Biologist who has Point Of Contact with marine mammals research centers And Marine Biologists around the world. 
  • Knowledge in the Acoustic \ Vocalization \ Signal field
humpback whale research page


Website Administrator:

WordPress developer for managing the NGO website.

We are seeking a very organized person to manage the NGO’s official website under the media team. The responsibilities include: Making sure all the content is updated on the website, keeping in touch with all the teams to produce the right content for the website, fixing problems that may arise with the technical aspect of the website, finding and creating solutions for all the website needs – producing monthly backups to the website, uploading content for the blog on the website weekly, etc. 

Skills required: 

  • 2+ years of WordPress experience
  • HTML + CSS
  • Project management skills and enthusiasm
  • People’s person, always a smile on
  • Love for people and animals equally, especially marine mammals. 

Deep Learning Researcher:

We are a team of 6 researchers from a broad discipline: audio, signal processing, vision, data science and more.

We look for a researcher to join our awesome team and help us to develop algorithms for the welfare of marine mammals and animals in general.

What will you do:

  1. Develop and implement state of the art algorithms to improve the performance of our models and produce new features for Deep Voice.
  2. Help in the development of our open source framework – 
  3. Lead processes and ML services to increase the impact of our algorithms – such as active learning, 

About you:

  1. Hands-on experience in development and implementation of deep learning models in PyTorch/Tensorflow/Jax/other random DL framework.
  2. MSc degree in EE/Computer Science or equivalent with expertise in deep learning.
  3. Team player who enjoys being part of a community. 
  1. You care about the environment and especially about marine mammals.

Bonus points:

  1. Background in audio processing
  2. Proficiency in PyTorch 
  3. Your favorite whale is a Right whale

A humpback whale breaching in Mozmbique Africa as part of a whale research

Python Serverless Developer:

We are a team of 4 developers, experienced with back-end, front-end and microservices development. 

We look for a python serverless developer to join our amazing team and help us to develop services that would take the bioacoustic research community to the next level!

What will you do:

  1. Develop serverless tools to scale up the services that we provide, such as model training or data enrichment. 
  2. Participate in product design and development of complex architecture

About you:

  1. 3+ year experience in python development
  2. Proficiency in AWS services 
  3. Team player who enjoys being part of a community. 
  4. You care about the environment and especially about marine mammals.

Bonus points:

  1. End-to-end services integration
  2. You love to move fast and enjoy the road 
  3. Your favorite dolphin is a Amazon river dolphin

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