The Israeli R&D Foundation of Marine Mammal Acoustics

Building cutting edge technologies

Ensuring marine mammals’ protection & welfare worldwide

AI-based passive acoustics monitoring

can make a difference

Ship collision, net entanglements, and pollution endanger marine mammals populations worldwide

 Decrease of marine mammals population & near extinction of some species

Severe impact on ecosystems biodiversity, animals welfare & climate change

Saving 1 whale = Planting 1500 +trees

There is a good reason

for you to join us

Your investment is our future

Whether you are searching for climate change impact, biodiversity conservation, or preserving our oceans, our organization is an excellent choice to follow. With already proven success stories, we quantify and communicate our results, act with integrity, and are always open to hearing your thoughts.

We invite you to participate in the change and contribute to our efforts.

Working together to save our planet

Biologists  and conservationists, Do you have a local wildlife population that is at risk? Are there anthropogenic hazards to the local fauna in your area? 

We believe acoustic data analysis might make a difference. See our success stories. 

Do not face the problem alone! We are here to assist via pro-bono services.

Deep Voice is a driven team of 25 (and growing) experienced data engineers, programmers, marine biologists and High-tech employees

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